VAMP Driver (Code Name: Clutch)

When you think of a GI Joe “driver” figure, your mind probably goes immediately to Clutch, the famous man behind the wheel of the VAMP, the first series Real American Hero’s general purpose ground vehicle. The concept of a vehicle with an included action figure was a brilliant piece of marketing, and something that have Hasbro a leg up against lines like Star Wars, whose packaging always stated, “action figures sold separately.”

Clutch is one of the Joes who gives me the strongest Adventure Team vibe. First there’s the beard. I’ve often wondered if the bearded figures were an homage to the 1970s fuzz heads. Add in the shoulder holster and you can see where I’m going. Speaking of the shoulder holster, Clutch’s torso mold is one of the most interesting of the group, since it allows for a two-tone paint scheme.

Sadly, Clutch did not come with any weaponry, which I suppose isn’t a bing deal since his accessory is an amazing ground attack vehicle with a mounted twin machine gun. Yeah, I’d take that over a pistol any day.

One comment

  • ”Clutch was seen many times in the Sunbow G.I.Joe cartoons from the 1980’s.He was always always driving some type of Joe vehicle, but not the V.A.M.P.”

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