Undertow (2009)

During the time of the 25th anniversary series, I was hoping that between the annual member figure and convention sets, the Collectors Club was going to continue to carry the torch for the vintage o-ring styled figures. I had been a fan of their convention exclusive sets since the popular Crimson Strike Team set, and eagerly awaited each year’s con set to see which old molds they could bring back to life. The yearly membership figures were most exciting to me when based on o-ring molds.

Now that hope for the o-ring seems like a vanished dream, and although the club continues to release well made convention sets that fill many fans’ requests, I find myself not being all that interested in mostly seeing old characters and foreign releases refitted into a new construction style. At least the o-ring club figures went out with a bang before things switched over.

Undertow had a decent color scheme back in the day, but I like this one even more. The Grenadiers red and black really suits an underwater trooper. This mold was seen a couple other times in the 2000’s, but I prefer this paint job. The club also managed to fit in the original accessory complement, including the deadly fighting barracuda.


  • I like this ones colour scheme better than the old one. This one looks more like a villain and less like an extra from Johnny Quest

  • I never bought the original Undertow even though I love frogman/diver figures, but there was something “off” about this guy. Of course, it was the color scheme. I liked the design and overall concept but the red, black and gold are integral to any cool figure from the Iron Grenadier family.

  • This was a great figure, for my limited time in the GIJOE Club, this was definitely my favorite. Not only did it compliment the “MARS Invades” set from 2005, it was all original, a huge plus for me.

    Had the Club not thrown away the older style o-ring figures (while still keeping the 12″ at the same time) I would still be renewing a yearly membership.

    I agree, the oring did go out with a bang on this one.

  • Old characters and foreign releases refitted into a new construction style is the best thing about “The Club”. If only they weren’t so stupidly expensive…

  • That’s how the Undertow shoulda looked in 1990. The classic IG colors work SO WELL on the mold.

  • This fig does nothing for me. Sure it matches other mc ig’s. but the colors make no sense for a diver. That trumps all and puts this guy on the long list of club misfires.

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