Ultimate Storm Shadow (2013)

When I first saw pictures of a new Storm Shadow, more closely based on the classic 1984 design than we’d seen in the recent modern releases, I was really jazzed. The Renegades figure is amazing, but isn’t an exacting recreation of the  memorable look of the old version.

I don’t want to say this is the Storm Shadow I’ve always wanted, because the 1984 version is still tops in my book, but I think it is the Storm Shadow I expected in 2007’s generally disappointing 25th anniversary series. Unfortunately, the year is 2013, and my fervor for newly styled recreations of old figures has waned. Maybe it’s due to the almost constant flow of new modern style GI Joe figures since that relaunch, or maybe it’s partially burnout from this blog itself.

All of the itty bitty weapons from Renegades Stormy are here again, this time handily packaged in a small bag by themselves rather than inserted into the backing bubble. I say leave them in the bag, as these are some microscopically tiny bits that are total carpet magnets if dropped. There’s also an alternate unmasked movie head, I assume to tenuously tie the toy in to the movie.

In pictures, the figure appeared to be equipped with a scaled down version of the CLAW. Well, there is a representation of the famous glider, but it’s attached to a very odd action feature. Storm Shadow clips onto the end, and a push of the plunger at the opposite end sends him spinning. I’m a sucker for action features, but this one’s just plain odd. The package touts it as ninja fighting action, but that’s a stretch. He doesn’t look like he’s fighting so much as he’s spinning out of control. Maybe it’s meant to replicate a glider crash.

I’ve become quite the curmudgeon at times when it comes to modern GI Joe figures, but this one makes for a pretty joyful time. The figure has a ton of fiddly little bits that make it feel less like a toy and more like a really detailed model kit, or hobby figure, but the memories of 1984 Stormy are strong, and help this figure put a smile on my face. The action feature also makes me happy thanks to its sheer ridiculousness. Thankfully, the attachment doesn’t affect the figure, and can be tossed into the surplus parts bin, much like the missile launchers, weapons trees, and Spy Troops gear of old. You know, it’s good to have continuity within my adult GI Joe collecting life.


  • Can’t wait to get this one. I missed the boat on Ren:SS but glad this version is even more close to the original.

  • I’ll be really glad when I get this guy in my hands. I also didn’t realize he had all the weapons that Renegades Storm Shadow came with. I was pretty bummed I missed out on him too. Glad to see I’ll be able to get access to all those neat weapons.

  • Great review. I found most of the Kwinn wave at HTS last week while looking to redeem a discount coupon. I can stop looking for the Renegades version now since this one is even more 80’s accurate and seems to include the same gear.

  • Same here, this one looks great!

  • No need to make any more Stormshadows. This one is perfect

    After i get my wisdom teeth out and pay that off[all four of ’em need to go], i’m going to Sydney to see what i can find. I heard some of the comic shops carry Joe stuff in limited quantities.

  • Longtime reader, but I don’t seriously collect GI Joe, just the odd cool one I see (my action figure addiction is Star Wars)…. Will these figures make it to retail? This and the new Roadblock are must-haves for me… Will have to check out the other new Renegades figures too.

  • @Jamie

    Which era?
    I stopped collecting star wars stuff recently as i had two wardrobes full of it and counting them all is next to impossible.. I felt like i was turning into Airdevon [check out collectable specticle]

    I’m currently feeding my starwars bug, SWTOR [for any other players, I’m ACROSTAR on the Bastion server]

    In regaurds to Episode 7, i dont care what Disney does as long as it isnt “The glove of Darth Vader”

    • @ skymate – I collect modern stuff – The Vintage Collection mainly, some a few years older, and some of the new Black Series stuff. Mainly OT stuff but some prequel. I look for good molds and articulation, not necessarily good likenesses or screen accuracy. It’s very fun, and has led me to start buying modern GI Joe figs. Some of it is amazing, especially the Pursuit Of Cobra Snake Eyes. Man that’s an awesome figure.

  • I like this figure. I tell you, if Hasbro decided to make joes six inch-Marvel Legend style you’d really see what that modern sculpting can do.

  • Great figure, Joes are still the top action figure, as far as I’m concerned! Which is why it’s such a bummer to hit my local Targets and find there’s no Joes, not even peg space for them…and my local TRU just restocked–13 Retaliation wave 1 Dukes…

  • “Ultimate”? Does that mean this is the last one at least for awhile? It looks like a good figure and one that will be popular, but Storm Shadow’s been done to death. There’s hundreds of characters in the GI JOE universe, but Hasbro keeps making the same half dozen or so.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Aside from the expression on the unmasked version’s face and the glider, this figure looks pretty cool.

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  • Cool figure!

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