Ultimate Roadblock (2013)

It took three tries, but Hasbro made a really nice movie Roadblock. The previous two versions weren’t bad figures, they were just trying to accomplish different objectives. The first one, was all about an action feature, with his funky hand attachment. I kind of liked the fun of it, despite the “burnt Pop Tart” permanently attached to his hand (thanks to reader Dak for the term, by the way). The rest of Roadblock’s mold was, like other early Retaliation toys, just an approximation of what might end up on screen. The later version was more screen accurate, but still went for a gimmick with its Battle Kata accessories. Battle Kata was an interesting concept, but within the world of phony-baloney martial arts it pales in comparison to my favorite, Gymkata. As a result of the two bulky Battle Kata pistols, he had some of the biggest holsters ever seen. They were so large, he couldn’t really sit in a vehicle.

This version (at least the figure itself) gets things right for those who want screen accuracy and realism in lieu of play features. There’s still an action feature, but it’s one that isn’t permanently part of the toy. He’s still sporting his Stick/Knife on a Gun Battle Kata weaponry, only this time the bulky pistol will have to find a new place to be stored. The .50 cal is a great mold, if a little fiddly to keep together in the figure’s hands. The SAW is a great back-up, and one I can see using with a lot of figures.

Roadblock’s mold even holds up without his vest. Often, the modern vest or harness wearing figures look strange when their gear is removed. Finally, there’s the lone action feature, the climbing backpack. For the most part, I’ve become very fond of the Retaliation action backpacks and ziplines. There were a couple of duds, but most were functional and very fun. Roadblock’s pack is also the type that can ratchet onto a table. It attaches to the Eaglehawk as well, so he can rappel from the back after he gets to tha choppa!


  • I like that the face really does look a lot like the Rock.

  • It looks like a fun figure! Also, I love that we get two movie references in one post! Thank you!

  • Already had the second version and I love it to bits.

    But this version got me with the SAW.

  • So how the heck does that pack work and how does it fit with the Tomahawk? It doesn’t come with instructions and I ended up breaking it.

    • The pack has a line that runs through it. Part of the pack also ratchets, like a vise grip. Finally, the same peg that fits into the figure goes into a hole on the back of the Eaglehawk, just behind the open gunner/cargo area.

  • Agreed, it took a couple of attempts to make a decent Joe movie. If only we could get a “good” Transformers movie. I confess, i like the ’86 movie but it still cops a fare bit of backlash.

    I’m looking forward to getting some Reatliation figures. My Mothers friend who lives in Texas says she will mail me some. Awfully nice of her 🙂

  • Define a good Transformers movie. One where the robots look exactly like they do in the comic and cartoon? The overall premise of the Bayformers is actually really well done given the framework, the bots come off the way they actually would (minus Devastator’s balls) and the twins. Shia was the weak link in those movies. Seeing how the military was portrayed makes me think Bay would have done Rise of Cobra better justice. The Joes in Retaliation just goes to show that.

  • Sorry, but the ankles on this figure kill it for me. The way the paint app stops at the foot joint looks like crap. I know all the joe fans are enarmored with a thousand points of articulation, but I love the legs of the first “burnt pop tart” battle kata Roadblock. The tall boots are the way to go. imo

  • Gymkata… all the proof you need to know that Olympic gymnastics does not a martial arts hero make. Especially when they’re sporting a mullet. The two-faced dude was scary enough already.

    I don’t see myself picking up a Dwayne Johnson Roadblock, but if I did, it’d likely be for the accessories. Rob made a great case for getting the climbing backpack and weapons.

  • It’s a solid figure, no doubt, and movie accurate to boot. And Hasbro finally made a complex, but very detailed vehicle-mount version of the M2 Browning! Even better that it fits the rear mounts in the Eaglehawk.

  • I get mentioned in the same blog as Gymkata!?! Well, I guess that means I’ve made it folks!!

  • I still haven’t gotten any Retaliation figures at all. Stupid prices….If they were better, I would at least get only the movie-accurate figures, and the modern updates of other figures. So no to most of the first wave, yes to most of the rest that followed.

  • He is a neat figure!

  • I never realized he looked so cool without his vest.

  • I customed mine into Salvo

  • id like to see pics of the salvo custom -grendel1222@yahoo.com

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