Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur (1993)

In the annals of GI Joe, there have been many and varied animals, both friend and foe. The Adventure Team era had its tigers, gorillas, octopus and others. The Real American Hero line presented animal companions for the Joes as well as the Cobras. What would the 80’s line be without stalwart animal compadres like Freedom, Junkyard, Polly, Order and the rest. Don’t forget Cobra’s collection of feathered and four-legged counterparts that included a vulture and Warthog.

When the Dino Hunters playset hit the shelves in 1993, I couldn’t resist picking it up. How could the fearsome box art not persuade one to purchase what looked to be an exciting set for the ages? One look at the back of the box should convince you otherwise. Behold the monstrosity that is the Dino Hunters T-Rex. Never before has plastic been shaped into as terrifying a shape as a surprised dinosaur.

I know I’ve covered this guy before as part of the playset review, but I figured that he deserved his own time alone in the spotlight. This is your day, T-Rex! Happy Turkey Day! I think if he could talk, he’d say, “For me?! You shouldn’t have!”


  • oh THIS was the turkey for Thanksgiving! lol awesome

    Low-Light, Ambush, and the safari Fox jeep were fantastic but the t-rex was el crapola.

  • I would like to know the story behind Hasbro’s decision to include this prehistoric lump of plastic. Why, Hasbro, why?

  • I got a phone call from this guy once. Real nice fella.

  • HA! This was a funny entry. Though I think they could’ve sculpted better.

  • “The day of the surprised dinosaur”!!!
    Great Rob!

  • Turkey indeed. Or more like lizard…

    Heck, Deep Six’s dolphin buddy Finback makes Dino here look like the Gecko from GEICO.

  • Hilarious post. He does look more like a Toy Story toy than G.I. Joe.

    This playset is just one of many expensive 1990s Joes that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to buy. I really wanna take 3DJoes past 1990, but there were soooo many questionable toys made from 91-94. As for giTom’s question of why Hasbro would create such a monstrosity, the answer is simply they were pandering to what was popular in 1993. Remember this film?
    “Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science fiction thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg, and is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton.” -Wikipedia

    • There’s an easy way to get over that lil’ hurdle of yours–just focus on the vehicles released during the ’90-’94 era that DIDN’T have outlandish colors or such. But indicate that the aforementioned action is the reason why.

  • Even Mark Bellermo said this was the greatest accessory in the whole franchise

  • Joes and dinos – what’s not to love? At least my 6 yr old thinks so. Repurposing the Desert Fox? Pretty smart. But, man, compare this guy to the Jurassic Park toys of the time and there’s no comparison! If you’re going to do something, do it right! Then again, maybe someone at Hasbro liked his expression: “Egads, the GIJoes have a special unit to hunt dinosaurs?!”

    • My mother in law has a saying, “how you do anything is how you do everything.”

      In the early ’80s GI Joe pushed the envelope with beautiful molds, paint, and articulation.

      In the early ’90s GI Joe chased whatever else was selling and did a really poor job of it. It makes me sad.

      Like Scot was saying above, if you’re gonna make a Dino Hunters set to chase the Jurrasic Park crowd, at least make it the baddest T-Rex a kids ever seen! How about some jaw, leg, and arm articulation and a more fierce expression?

  • This Dino looks like a friend of Barney’s.Wasn’t he popular in ’93 too?

  • It’s funnier to imagine Low-Light & Ambush chasing around not a dinosaur but a costumed mascot Cobra agent, the lowly Mascot-Viper.

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