Toy Fair Flashback: Scorpion & Manta-Ray

No, it’s not a fight between two Mortal Kombat ninja–although in 1994, it could have totally been possible. It’s our final Toy Fair Flashback for the year, and I think this one is a doozy. Well, I am partial to catalog diorama shots.

The shot impresses not only for the dramatic posing of the many figures featured, but also for the convincing yet still toylike rock and water setting. I don’t know how they accomplished the water in this photo, but it’s pretty amazing. I guess since the Manta-Ray actually floated in water, it’s possible that I’m overthinking things and that’s just actual water. I suppose we’ll never know.

Hopefully next year, we’ll see some GI Joe product at the real Toy Fair. I’ll still dig something up from the past though, because I doubt we’ll get any real/fake water and/or baking soda snow.


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