Toy Fair Flashback: 1993 Hall of Fame Series

Twelve inch GI Joes are making a comeback! In 1993, that is. Of special interest here are the weapons in the hands of the mission gear equipped figures. It’s too bad we didn’t actually get some of these in the final product. I think Duke is wielding a 1/6 scale version of the original Dusty’s rifle. Pretty cool.





  • I always thought the 12″ Flint looked more like Falcon. And I did think it really was a great move to have Destro’s mask removable without having some kind of gimmick underneath. You actually saw his real face when you took his mask off.

  • That Rhino jeep is intense! And it’s interesting that Flint has an upscaled version of ’89 Rock & Roll’s minigun.

  • The original Hall of Fame Duke was basically Dusty with the desert fatigues and FAMAS.

    I think that FAMAS later showed up with the Classic Collection French Foreign Legion figure. That Uzi should have come with Snake Eyes. The Arctic Assault has a M-60 with ammo belt, like Sub-Zero. And Grunt (who has Duke’s face) has an AK-47. I wonder if they thought about making a basic Cobra Trooper to go along with Grunt and Heavy Duty. And would it have had Cobra Commander’s head?

    And finally I see a picture of the Gung Ho prototype with the non-regulation mustache. Looks like they changed his face, too. Looks more like Dr. X. I wonder which one was made first.

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