Torpedo (1998)

Torpedo (1998)

Sometimes toy companies reuse molds in an effort to cut costs. This practice sometimes gets under the skin of toy collectors. I can understand why, particularly when a well-known character is used to portray another. It’s not bad when bits and pieces end up contributing to other figures, but when an entire toy gets a fresh paint job and new name, the results can be confusing. Check out Torpedo here. Or is it Wet Suit?

This version of torpedo was released as part of the 1998 Navy Assault set, alongside Shipwreck and Wet Suit. Waitaminute, isn’t this also Wet Suit? Well, the same figure mold was used to create Wet Suit during the Battle Corps days, but he was given a new color scheme in ’98 and became Torpedo. Even more confusing, another Torpedo had been released the previous year, made using the original 1983 mold.

So, if you’re confused and/or upset about Torpedo/Wet Suit, you can look at it this way: at least he makes a nice night ops version of Battle Corps Wet Suit. I like the subdued colors here, and find that the three pack to which he belongs is quite a cohesive looking set of naval operatives.

In the end, you can call any of your toys whatever the heck you want. If you can’t quite make up your mind in this case, call the figure Wet Torpedo. Or Torpedo Suit. On second thought–don’t.

Torpedo (1998)


  • Nice hair paint app. lol

  • Even with the turquoise, this is a good looking figure. Worth it for that black BC helmet alone. But the head makes the character for me, and as much as I like Torpedo, I’d have to call this one Wetsuit.

  • Nice figure. I completely agree with your name of Joe sentiment. I, like everyone else has their own “joeverse” and you name your joe a different codename as per your individual taste. Since Hasbro isn’t very clever with their character’s military occupational specialties, redundancies consistently appear. Snowjob/Whiteout/Frostbite is another typical example of Hasbro’s lack of understanding of the brand.

  • I certainly wouldnt have cared about the confused figures in ’98. I would have welcomed ANY new product in my neck of the woods.

  • The black accessories are great. I never bought alot of the stuff from 1998…. But this is still a good figure.

  • Removable helmets that fit well are awesome!!

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