T’Jbang (1992 Ninja Force)

Is it bad marketing to create a character with a name that’s unpronounceable for most westerners? It’s almost as crazy as something from a Star Wars novel. Anyway, I can’t figure out how to say the name, so I’ll just call him TJ from here on out. Sounds cool, and it reminds of TJ Hooker. Man, that was a great show, even with Adrian Zmed.

TJ is the Ninja Force sword master. Like other figures in the sub set, he comes equipped (or hindered if you prefer) with an action feature, a twisting waist. I don’t mind this particular spring-action addition, as it doesn’t affect the look of the mold as much as the figures with spring arms or legs, which had either tall shoulders or child-bearing hips.

I think a modern version of TJ would be an absolute hit. The figure has a kind of exciting swashbuckler feel that I really enjoy. The mold is also full of great new details that are totally unique. From the Mexican wrestler tiger mask, to the quilted padding and detailed arm bracers, it’s got a lot of interest going for it. TJ even has throwing stars on his shins. Talk about being prepared! And the Debbie Drabs among you shouldn’t be too put off by his bold yet tasteful color.

One last thing. His signature ninja move is called the “Silent Backslash.” Impressive. Sounds like some kind of mystical combination of martial arts and MS-DOS.



  • Yep, forget Sgt. Slaughter; This is the real pro wrestler of the G.I. Joe team. He could main event against Big Boa.

    What a look! I too would love to see it in the modern style.

  • I’ve seen some 25th Anniversary-style customs of T’Jbang using the head of the Marvel Universe Iron Fist figure.

  • His action feature reflects a vow of silence he made whereas his NF partner Dojo won’t shut the hell up.

  • Whenever my mom would see my figure of this guy, she always called him “The Pineapple.”

    • That’s an apt description on your mom’s part. My grandma used to name my Star Wars figures based on who/what they looked like. I loved it.

  • Man, you took it back when you brought out MS-DOS. But Mr. “Cha-BANG!” is just too far out for me. Joe didn’t need multiple ninjas. At the time, the Red Ninjas weren’t around, and it’s not like Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and (gasp) Scarlett couldn’t take the Night Creepers.

  • I actually like this figure (a little bit).

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    He’s the Ninja Force sword master? Seriously, isn’t everyone in Ninja Force a sword master? But, it is nice to see a ninja in blue jeans for a change instead of pajamas or a hockey mask. He decided he wasn’t going to go along with the usual martial arts/ninja/Friday the 13th fan stereotypes.

  • One of my favorites from the Ninja force line. I would love to learn how to pronounce his name.

  • @Ross Hearne
    i belived its pronounced “Sha-bang” [according to the ninja force toy commercial]

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