Tiger Force Hit & Run (1991)

I was out of Joe collecting in 1988, the year of the original Hit & Run’s release. As such, I didn’t have a strong connection with either the character or figure. In fact, I probably didn’t pick up his first version well into my Joe re-buying days of the 90’s. The paint scheme seemed boring and the camo pattern looked too simplistic and blobby. The overall look of the figure just didn’t hold a lot of interest for me.

My interest in the mold was piqued however when I first heard (via the awesome Mike’s Forgotten Figures) of the European Tiger Force releases. As a fan of the odd and unusual, I found a lot to like about Tiger Force Hit & Run, with his bold color scheme. It was like looking at a new figure, especially without the original’s face camouflage. When I picked up this version, I also took the time to check out the accessories, which I hadn’t done before. I discovered that the accessories and their integration into the figure and his specialty (light infantry and mountaineer) are fantastic. The climbing rig built into the duffel bag (which also stores his knife and works with his waist harness) makes him a more functional mountaineer figure than even Alpine.

With both versions, I’m still a bit disappointed about the lack of a removable helmet. Other 1988 figures like Lightfoot and Blizzard had them, why not him? It’s not a big deal, but it would have been nice. Since picking up the Tiger Force version, I found myself with a new appreciation for the original. This figure serves for me as a reminder that with a second look you can often find a gem in your collection.


  • The Euro Tiger Force figures all look awesome. I like Outback with his white beard the best. I was still into RAH in 1988, it was sort of a comeback year for me. I loved most of the figures and vehicles released at the time, particularly because the brand had returned to its militaristic roots. The original Hit & Run is a favorite due to the face camo, his size (a really short guy released alongside the towering Spearhead) and the accessories. Even his file card made him endearing as it made Hit & Run the first orphaned member of the team. I wish the helmet would have been removable but the 25th Anniversary version turned out very faithful to his ’88 predecessor and corrected this minor nitpick.

  • Hit n Run has always been one of my favorite Joe’s and I’ve always been fascinated with the International Joe’s, especailly the European Tiger Force figures, but I don’t own any of them. I need to track down this figure!

  • The mystique and scarcity of foreign only releases overshadows their actual appearances. Had the European Tiger Force characters been released in the USA, many fans would be saying how they suck compared to their original versions, like they do with domestic Tiger Force figures.

    I think it’s funny how they made his hands gloves. And they added bright blue to the Tiger Force colors, which none of the US figures had, IIRC.

  • I never really appreciated this figure in the past, but it is a pretty good looking repaint and the lack of face camo adds to its uniqueness. That’s the great thing (well, one of the many great things) about your posts – they make me realize that I like some of the figures more than I ever thought I did.

  • I love the original 1988 figure. Lost mine in a shrub at my friend’s house almost 30 years ago. The camo may have been simple but it did the job!

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