Tiger Force Flint/Falcon (1994 China)

In the 90’s, the Half Price Store, a discount department store chain, was a treasure trove for recent Joe releases. There were always a couple of bins that had the last series of Joes for $3 each. I kick myself for not buying more than I did, especially Sonic Fighters Viper — I could’ve had an army! During one of my frequent trips, I saw some strange looking foreign Joe packaging. There were several figures from throughout the line on what I later found out were Chinese cardbacks. I purchased Duke, Cobra Commander, Major Bludd and Flint. Of these, only Flint and Major Bludd differed from their US releases.

This Flint has also come to be known as Tiger Force Falcon, since it has a Tiger Stripe camo and uses the original Falcon’s head. It’s also a mix of Dusty and Tunnel Rat parts. One of the cooler inclusions is the tactical shotgun that was originally used with the excellent Headhunters figure.

So this could be a Tiger Force Flint or Falcon, or even Dusty, since he also wore a beret at one time. Personally I see it as Falcon since the head is so specific to the character. Whoever you use it as, it’s another interestingly strange and unexplained foreign Joe release. Exploring the obscure corners of the hobby is one of its most fun aspects.


  • I like these Chinese figures for their variety. I saw this guy more as Falcon than Flint, but I can understand collectors who really wanted a new Flint of any kind getting the figure. I also liked that we had a shot at the original Cobra Commander. That was sweet! Wish they’d gone with ’83 Destro instead of the ’92 version though. Major Bludd was another cool retool, this time putting the ’92 General Flagg torso to great use. Seeing the original Lifeline and Dial-Tone were also highlights of these odd additions to the line in the 90’s, just before the end arrived in ’94.

  • Great blog! Every day, after over 25 years of collecting Joes, here I learn more things about them. This Falcon Tiger Force from China is new for me.
    Thank You very much, Neapolitan Joe.

  • I would love to get my hands on this figure.
    The Chinese Major Bludd is my default go to Major Bludd figure over all the others. I still remember seeing it at the 1/2 Price store and picking it up. At first I left in the package for a few years, but I have this weird ianability to ever leave any toy in its packaging so he was finally opened up!
    Thanks for sharing him.

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is without a doubt, my favorite Tiger Force figure released for the non-American market. It never bothered me that the head is obviously Falcon and not Flint. I like this one just the way it is. I guess it would more more sense though, for the beret to be black (or green if you want it to be Falcon).

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