The Power of Packaging: Double Trouble Big Jim

As we’ve often covered on this blog, GI Joe has not been without its imitators over the years. While it’s easy to see such things as me-too cash grabs by competing toy manufacturers, I am impressed when the imitations carve out their own niche. I am particularly fond of the subjects that get weird. Such was the case of Big Jim, which started out as a more sports-centric answer to the Adventure Team. As the 70s went on, Jim formed a team of adventurer/spies, called the PACK. Comics legend Jack Kirby provided much of the artwork for the packaging and adverts, and the line’s packaging (naturally) took on a bold look.

Double Trouble Big Jim hails from this period, although I’m not sure if Kirby illustrated the figure on the box. Some of the line work looks like him, but I wonder about the  overall rendering. It looks more John Buscema than Kirby. Jim’s face here has a definite Conan vibe. Maybe the King just inked it. Regardless, it’s a cool package. 



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