The Power of Packaging: 1987 Jinx

I was not one of the kids who didn’t buy female figures. Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl and the Baroness were as much a part of my adventures as the male Joes. I didn’t hesitate to pick up Jinx, as she was a ninja dressed in red. The dragon symbol on her uniform was especially intriguing–what did it mean? I still don’t know. Finally, the quote on her filecard paints her as a character not to be taken lightly. 

Jinx Jinx-back


  • I left Jinx to my brothers. I pawned all the crappy figures off on them.

    I appreciate the figure more, now. Even the repaints were pretty good.

  • ”Jink being Storm Shadow’s cousin ,could be why Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Jinx and Storm Shadow make one heck of a Ninja Force team,during the 1980’s.”

  • Never had Jinx, but she was a great figure. On the subject of the female figures, my very first G.I. Joe toy was the 1984 Baroness.

  • I got Jinx at the time. She was a red ninja. Ninjas > any perceived negative. Lady Jaye was the one I passed on because the toy didn’t look like she did in the cartoon and the cardback art was a bit deterring (I suspect that was Sneak Peek’s problem). I couldn’t find Storm Shadow or Firefly at all by the time I got into GI Joe so she was the first ninja I was able to get. Quick Kick was the closest I was able to come at the time. It’s too bad she was the last female figure in 6 years (I guess she *jinxed* it for the lady Joes & Cobras). She didn’t seem to shelfwarm (that was Crystal Ball). The toy had a nice sculpt, nice accessories (which differentiated her from Storm Shadow, like trading the bow for a double-lance). That said, her outfit does look a little more like a dojo outfit rather than a going-on-a-mission outfit and the slippers do her no favors. Even as I got 1988 Storm Shadow, Jinx never fell out of favor for me.

    The cardback art has an ironic contrast. Her eyes convey a deadly intensity yet her hood makes her seem less serious because it looks like an ice cream sundae. And that seems to draw the eyes as opposed to the only part of her face that is visible.

  • Jinx is an awesome figure and a great character. She kicked ass in GI Joe The Movie despite being written as the love interest for Duke’s little brother.

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