The Power of Packaging: 1986 Zarana

It’s a bonus Nice Pants Week mashup with Power of Packaging!

Zarana’s pants have always fascinated and confused me. Now before you think I’m some kind of weirdo, I don’t mean it in that way. I’ve just thought that both the rip in the side of the figure’s left thigh, along with the strange two-part sock/boot were strange. Is the pink under the rip supposed to portray a layer of clothing underneath, or was it an abandoned color-change feature? I thought the latter when I was a kid, and waited for the area to change color, to no avail.

And what’s with the boots? It’s like cowboy boots over some kind of long moccasins. At least the Zartan family is consistent in its weird fashion choices.


  • It’s likely the pink legging was a late modesty change. Originally, Zarana had a tattoo and the rip revealed skin beneath it. But, it was changed prior to production and you get the weird pink skin instead.

  • My sister got a zarana in 1992. The toyworld in my old town got in really mixed stock

  • Zartan,Zandar, and Zarana were always the quick -change artists , and always had to keep the Dreadnoks on their toes.”

  • Zandar also didn’t have shoulder armour in his original concept art…

    Zarana is wearing pink tights under her jeans. The “two part boots” are her leggings showing at the boot tops.

  • That price of $3.97, had to be none other than Kmart. But, was this item bought in 1986, or in 1987?. Though, I’m not sure if that matters. I also remember down here that Zayre also had similar prices on G.I. Joe figures, but that was like around 88, or 89, if I remember correctly. But still, that is just too expensive for 1986, or even 87. As for Zarana’s pants, I guess they’re nice pants, whatever is left of them.

  • The other curious thing is why is her shoulder holster empty?

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