The Power of Packaging: 1983 Stalker

What more can be said about the original first assortment of 80s Joes? Many of these guys (and gal) went on to become the all-time greats in the brand, and continue to be big players in the modern comics and other media tie-ins. Stalker to me was the team’s no-nonsense field leader, a role he’s often fulfilled in the Joe comics. The figure struck me as cool not only because of his characterization, but also his camo paint job and unique rifle, both of which are front and center in his card art. 



  • My brother got like 3 of these for his birthday in 1982. So, I got a lot of use from the figures before they were worn out. (I found one buried behind a brick in the yard years later.) But, the comic really upped Stalker’s game and I exhausted my Grandparents in a search for one in 1985. The card art really shows how great a figure and character Stalker is.

  • ”Excellent color photo of Stalker.All the original Joes from the early 1980’s are still very popular 30+years later.The M-32 Pulverizer Sub Machine Gun shows up again as part of 1984 Duke’s action figure gear.

  • I never was a fan of the original Stalker’s head sculpt. The heads on the later Stalkers offer much more personality to me.

  • Excellent cardart, awesome character and great first year figure. I still like this figure a lot.

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