The Power of (International) Packaging: Shadow Ninjas Snake Eyes

Here in the US, the Shadow Ninjas subset was given a generic card featuring Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Not so in the UK, where each character got its own unique art. What I like about these cards are the color schemes that don’t match the figures themselves. I think a true translucent figure with subtle paint apps would have been more enticing on shelves than the frosty and murky looking crew that turned up. On a positive note, some of the weapon trees were nicely done in a clear plastic. It’s like GI Joe meets Crystar. Now there’s a mashup I could get behind.



  • I love Ninja Force, but these gimmicks like spring-action movements and color change are the series’ biggest drawbacks. Just stick with the regular articulation and I’m happy.

  • Uh.. the card art was cool at least…

  • I remember my woolworths having about a ton of those in ’96. They were all marked down to fifty cents each.

  • I’m a fan of the cart art for this Snake Eyes. The face is really cool and would be an awesome look for SE were it done on a traditional articulation figure. In the comic, I thoroughly enjoyed SE when he was portrayed in this outfit. It just didn’t translate to toy form.

  • Hard plastic weapons and brittle thumbs. Not uncommon to see them with broken thumbs.

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