The Joy of Joe Available Now

A new GI Joe related book is available via Amazon, featuring thirty essays by Joe fans of all stripes, from authors, artists, collectors and more. Edited by and featuring an essay by new pulp and GI Joe Kindle Worlds author Jim Beard, the Joy of Joe is an exploration and celebration of what’s drawn so many kids to the brand. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the book’s own description:

For well over fifty years the joy that kids feel for G.I. Joe, Hasbro’s toy phenomenon, stands as nothing short of amazing. Few other creations can boast of such an enduring love from fans of all ages across the globe.

Fall in with thirty such fans as they tell tales of childhoods marching alongside Joe through action and adventure, creating memories that have lasted lifetimes. THE JOY OF JOE will amuse you and touch your heart!

Featuring essays by Paul Kupperberg, Fabian Nicieza, Jerry Ordway, Dave West, Alan Porter, and many more!

Go here to check it out! Oh, and full disclosure—they let some goofy guy with a blog contribute too.

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