That’s How I Found It: GI Joe Night Striker

It’s the debut of a new video feature for the site: That’s How I Found It. In this series, I’ll be focusing on toys and other miscellanea in their natural state. No clean-up or restorations, just used stuff as it’s been found.

For the first edition, it’s the GI Joe Night Striker, part of the Night Force series of vehicles. It’s pretty dusty, and kinda broken, but I think there’s some perspective here that’s valuable. Maybe I’ll get around to a restoration (or just some dusting) but for now, here it is…


  • The playware indictates it had been used. It also gives it a bit of character

  • I think “the G.I. Joe Junkyard” would be a better title for this feature. It’s a shame that the actual Joe “Junkyard” would probably cause confusion if it was titled that.

  • I love the notion of finding an “original” collection. Meaning, the toys that someone had as a kid with no modern collector involvement. They are a LOT harder to find nowadays. But, they gave me great insight into what other kids liked and how they used it. I found many collections where figures I loved were clearly never played with while vehicles I loathed or didn’t even buy existed in multiples and were heavily used. I even got one collection that the kid obviously displayed for years, but, based on the condition and completeness of the items likely never, ever played with it. But, there’s something about the innocence of the undisturbed collection that facsinates me.

  • I got a STUN off eBay not long ago that looked like it had just been excavated from someone’s backyard. Didn’t take a “before” photo because it was so funky, I had to wash it just to keep it in the house.

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