• I would advise not to open him too. That version of Mr Case is made of gold plastic

  • One of the nicer Corps figures. I have the dark grey version.

  • Nice how his massive sound-attack backpack is easily removable. The QC tag sortof looks like it has a big “X”; maybe he wasn’t the right color for the Lazer Force?

  • As a Joe lover, I’ve always hated the CORPS! figures. I just don’t like the construction, accessories and anything about them. They just seem like really, really cheap knock offs. The fact that many friends and acquaintances have said they had a set of “G.I. Joe’s” to give me that turned out to be nothing but CORPS! has also soured me on them greatly.

    But, I have to admit that if I had kids in the days when these and Joes shared the shelves, I would have probably bought them many, many CORPS! figures. The great amount of gear and eye catching design would have surely made me a fan. When I saw the lower price point, I would have been sold and my kids would have played with the two lines in concert.

    They’re still not for me, though.

  • @Letal
    I remember getting more CORPS figures as a kid as most of my reletives couldnt tell the differance and secondaly they were more affordable. I remember getting the CORPS figure “Junkyard” when i asked for Mutt.

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