Tele-Viper (2014 Kre-O)

Tele-Viper (2014)As the GI Joe Kre-O series goes on, it seems that more and more of the blind bag figures get really interesting multi-part builds as an element of their accessory complement. The Tele-Viper’s backpack and scanner make good use of some small parts to suggest the original equipment fairly well.

That’s some of the beauty of this line to me; there’s a little more exercise of one’s imagination necessary. Sure, most of the reason is due to the re-use of non-specific parts to create facsimiles of toys that many of us of have ingrained in our minds. Then again, the same sort of suspension of disbelief applies to any brick building kits. Maybe that explains the popularity of Lego and the like in comparison to action figures these days. It seems that the successful building block lines have more actively embraced the toyetic than the traditional action figure makers. These things obviously aren’t articulated statues that will sit on a shelf and be stared at, they’re honest-to-gosh toys that beg to be played with.

I didn’t think this figure would become one of my favorites when I first saw photos of it. The Tele-Viper has always been an interesting specialty for Cobra, but the figure didn’t really click with me. I just wasn’t expecting to have much fun with it. However, now that I have the Kreon in-hand, I really appreciate the just-right attention to detail. From the vest to the belt buckle to the head printing, the figure captures the essence of the original. I am particularly fond of the facial details. The large goggles recall the large eyewear that was prevalent on the original. Even the mouth’s expression, a sort of gritted teeth grin is spot-on with the original. It’s too bad Kre-O doesn’t do back printing on its heads, because the readout text of the goggles on the Sunbow ‘toon’s Tele-Vipers would have made for a great alternate display option.

The Tele-Viper has become a personal favorite among Cobra’s Kreon forces, and I plan on getting at least two more of them to make up a nice little squad that can stay in communication with the JAD Cobra Kre-O world on a regular basis.

Tele-Viper (2014)


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