Captivating Cover: Sea to Shining Sea

I’ve found several of these GI Joe vs. Cobra books of late, and I find myself fascinated by the fact that in the early 2000s, the brand was deemed viable enough by Hasbro to procure licensing deals to produce ancillary bits of cross promotion. Some of the books lack the boldness of the 80s offerings, but this one I find

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Captivating Cover: Combat Ready!

I never thought I’d use the terms generic and ninja commando in the same sentence, but this early 2000s coloring book has forced my hand. I’ve found the most interesting coloring book covers of the past incorporated either a multi-character scene, or even an out of the ordinary fourth wall breaking subject. Speaking of which, and I know I’m straying

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Captivating Cover: Into Zartan’s Lair

Continuing the new feature in which I judge a GI Joe book by its cover, here’s another Captivating Cover. This time, we’ve got a coloring book released by Marvel in 1984. Marvel covered a variety of action figure properties with coloring and storybooks in the 1980s, from heavy hitter toy lines like GI Joe and Transformers, to lesser knowns and

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