Drivers? Hey, cool. I could always use a few extras, especially a HISS Driver. That guy always lost his Cobra symbol too easily. What, you can’t order online? Great, where did I put my checkbook? And where the heck can I buy a stamp? It’s been so long…

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Incredible Shrinking Joes!

Decades before Kre-O was a thing, the Real American Hero era Joes were shrunk down and available as micro figures, packed along with their “normal” sized brethren. Turns out, there was also a mail-in offer for a set in 1989. The pamphlet told the story of the Joes actually being shrunk by Cobra. Set up with some beautiful lab equipment,

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Battle Commanders Ad

I don’t even recall where I picked up this image in my GI Joe internet image crawlings. I have no idea from whence it sprang; if it is from a dealer catalog, or a pack-in advert from the toys themselves? If the scan originated from anyone in particular, I apologize, and will certainly give credit where it’s due. On the

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