Ice Viper (2014)

Man, was my first impression of this figure ever wrong. I initially covered it quickly as part of a video review of the Battle Below Zero pack, and didn’t really put much thought into it at the time. I really regret that, as upon closer inspection, it’s a pretty amazing figure. For a modern driver figure, the details are very

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Destro (2014)

Here he is. Probably the most anticipated figure in the 50th Anniversary offerings. First seen at JoeCon as part of Hasbro’s concept case display, a new Destro has been on many fans’ wish lists for a remake. How does he measure up against previous modern versions? First off, he’s pretty large. Like Leatherneck, he towers over figures from earlier in

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Night Viper (2014)

What’s more frustrating than finding an original Retaliation Night Viper on the pegs? How about getting the follow-up figure to hold its main weapon? I must have tried ten times to get his tiny trigger finger through the guard while maneuvering the hand to grip the stock. I eventually gave up and sort of balanced the weapon between the arm

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