Law & Order (2011)

The original Law & Order have always been one of my favorite figures from 1987. As a follow up to Mutt & Junkyard, they served a similar purpose, but I never saw them as replacing the original K-9 unit. The 30th anniversary series was exciting for me. While I had enjoyed the detail and the new looks for the characters

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Tunnel Rat (2011 Renegades)

Continuing with another figure that’s been camped out on my queue all year, it’s Renegades Tunnel Rat from the 30th anniversary series. The Renegades figures were pleasing in the aspect that they didn’t rely too heavily on the animated style. The figures for the most part can stand next to other recent releases and fit in nicely. However, there’s a

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Action Sailor (1994)

1994 was such a bittersweet year for a Joe collector, well, at least for this Joe collector. Having jumped back into collecting just three years earlier, not only was I starting to gain some ground on picking up the figures I had missed, but I was excited at the prospect of new figures on the horizon. Those prospects fizzled out

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