Sunbow Production Drawing: Flash

I’ve been jonesing for a bit of Sunbow production art for several years. I never thought I’d be able to pick up any until recently, as the cels generally go for more cash than I’m willing to throw down. The closest I’ve come until recently was buying a few DIC cels. Hey, it’s still GI Joe.

However, a friend tipped me off to some Sunbow production drawings, or preliminary pencil art used to layout the final animation. I didn’t go hog wild, just buying four drawings featuring nicely framed shots of key characters.

One of the images I saw was Flash, and I had to have it. The figure was the first carded 80s Joe I got as a kid, and the character had little to no screen time after the first mini-series. I also have a different kind of connection to that first bit of Joe animation. Watching an unexpected two-hour animated action movie was pure joy to this ten year old. Owning just a tiny piece of it is as close as I’ll come to that feeling about it again as an adult.




  • That is awesome Rob! I would love to have something like that.

  • One of the many characters on the show voiced by Frank Welker.

  • When I got my ’82 Flash last year, it only dawned on me that day that he was more than 30 years old.
    You did well to get a cell, Rob. Cells of certain characters are hard to come by as there were so many different characters produced. Doubt i’ll ever find one of my namesake

  • So you were 10 in 1983 – just the right age to soak it all in. I was only 6 & didn’t see any of that until 84 or 85 in reruns – I can only imagine the level of excitement it must’ve been to watch it live firsthand – congrats 🙂

  • Fantastic art piece!

  • I was born in ’86. When I was 6 in ’92, I was first introduced to the franchise. I was just in time to catch the last couple of years of ARAH. Fortunately the toy store in the town I lived in had a lot of surplus stuff and the video store had several episodes.

  • Assuming they were afraid of copyright infringement because of the codename. What a shame. Would be grate to see the Joes first laser trooper get screen time.

  • Maybe they should have called him laser trooper.

  • The robots are programmed to push us in the crystal cave! The radio activity will fry us!

  • I just grabbed two of the zartan ones….very cool bits of joe history!

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