Sub-Zero (1995 Mortal Kombat Movie)

The Mortal Kombat ninjas came in a rainbow of fruit flavors. This one is my favorite. I’ve mentioned several times before that I like clear and translucent figures. Not only does this figure hit my “clear toy” spot, it also incorporates what the cool kids who know too much about the toy industry call “soft goods”. We regular folks call it cloth.

The Joe line that donated its style and articulation didn’t see much in the way of cloth accessories. The Mortal Kombat line however made several uses of it, including capes, and in this case, belts and tunics. Does it add much to the figure? I think so. Is it effective? Not entirely, because it’s notoriously difficult to create realistic outfits at this scale. The tunic and clear plastic at least separate this Sub-Zero from the previous release. Even though I had already picked up the other ninjas in the line, those two elements made the figure stand out from the others, and I still find it an interesting curiosity today.



  • So if these guys were fruit flavors, would Sub-Zero taste like blueberry? I love clear/translucent figures along with soft goods/cloth gear, so I’d likely have picked this guy up back in the day. I wasn’t collecting toys by the mid-90’s but I know Mortal Kombat was all the rage back then. It would be neat to see this character’s features incorporated into the modern line somehow.

  • I had this figure and LOVED it. Mine had a bubble inside the middle of it’s head that I use to say was his brain

  • Be careful, that transluscent plastic seems more brittle, combine that with the hard plastic weapons, makes for fragile hands.

  • Nice looking figure! Definitely looks like he could be a Cobra soldier of sorts.

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