Stuart “Outback” Selkirk (2014)

Outback (2014)Outback is one of the great figures from the post-86 period. He’s a pretty simply designed type of guy, with a basic t-shirt and camo pants. His head was where much of his personality stemmed. While there were plenty of previous Joes with facial hair, Outback sported a full-on mountain man beard. If you looked up the word rugged in the GI Joe dictionary, there would be a picture of Outback. I think he would also fit right in as a throwback to the Adventure Team.

The Kre-o format is a perfect one to translate the simplicity of the original figure. I particularly love the blazing orange hair. The ability to transfer unique camo patterns and details like boot designs has also impressed me with these figures, and you can tell that at least the Kreons are getting serious attention when it comes to the finer details.

Accessories were a big part of the 1987 figure’s appeal, and the Kreon gets most of the parts right. The rather large standard Kreon backpack finally looks to be in scale with a figure, especially considering the gargantuan pack that Outback originally carried. The smaller gun is a close approximation of his machine gun, and he also gets a big honkin’ knife. I do miss the flashlight, but I’m sure a suitable substitute can be found somewhere in the brick world.

I’m glad to see Kre-o GI Joe figures that branch out beyond 1986, and Outback was a perfect candidate to represent his year. Now if only we can get a Croc Master or Big Boa for the Cobra side.

Outback (2014) SONY DSC


  • Kre-o seems to be doing well. Any chance of some games to get the kids interested?

  • Wow, Outback is already out? Time to hit TRU. Kre-O hasn’t done much with the hole in the figures’ legs; a flashlight could mount there (albeit awkwardly). And I agree a media tie-in (cartoon, Flash game) would really help this line thrive with kids while boosting the GIJoe brand.

  • Cool Kreon. I’ve always been an Outback fan, but I hear this wave doesn’t have the codes so I’m not going to buy them until I get one. I’m unlucky with blind bag and capsule toys! But he rocks! SURVIVAL.

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