Storm Shadow (2010)

This Storm Shadow seems like he comes from an amalgamation of the GI Joe universe and Prince of Persia. Or maybe it’s Elseworlds Storm Shadow. Wait, has that been done yet? You know, setting the GI Joe vs. Cobra story in a distant historic period? If not, IDW should try it. Why not, they’ve already done the zombie thing.

I find the figure an interesting departure from what we’re used to seeing in our Joe ninjas. The white jean pants and sneaks don’t quite fit with the rest of the figure’s look. I can see a Sinbad pant look, but I’m no fashion expert. Also, is it me, or does the top of his head look like it is supposed to be sculpted hair, and not painted?

The amount and quality of the accessories is amazing. Finally, we get a Joe ninja figure with a real chain weapon. Strings are workable, but the sculpted plastic chains stuck on one shape are always a disappointment. I remember watching Hasbro’s customizing panel at JoeCon, and seeing them make a custom chain weapon using a necklace. That sort of thing makes do in a pinch for a custom, but it’s always good to see an officially released version. I wonder if Hasbro just went to a necklace manufacturer and bought dozens of feet wholesale, or took the effort to make their own? These are the kind of questions think about when you spend entirely too much time with toys.

I enjoy the focus here on the combining swords and the different configuations that are possible with the chain. He’s also equipped with teeny-tiny shuriken, though he doesn’t have the kind of hand mold that can hold them, like the Renegades version.


  • If they kept the Resolute figure’s legs for this, maybe it would’ve been more well-received. Still, the weapons are pretty neat!

  • The top of his head indeed looks stupid.

  • I’ll admit, I was slow to warm up to this guy. I passed on him a lot of times but he was a peg-warmer in my area and so when they clearanced him out for cheap I figured why not give him a try. Immediately after I opened the package, I really started liking him. I don’t know what it was about him, but on the peg, he doesn’t look that great but sitting loose, I just couldn’t help myself from posing him or switching out various weapon configurations. And for some reason the whole Middle Eastern ninja look thing just really works for me. Considering how many different versions of Storm Shadow there are that’s just a guy in white ninja gear, I’ll happily take a little bit of alteration of the formula…it’s a nice figure (at least for the clearance price I paid for him) and all those ninja weapons give him some neat options for throwing down with Snake Eyes.

  • “Or maybe it’s Elseworlds Storm Shadow. Wait, has that been done yet? You know, setting the GI Joe vs. Cobra story in a distant historic period?”

    Only in fan-art:

  • A sort of ultimate Storm Shadow. Great details!

  • Nice details, but the look seems to busy for Storm Shadow. Ninjas work better with a more simple style, that’s why so many Ninja Force characters seemed goofy.

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