Storm Shadow (2009 Arctic Threat)

Arctic Threat Storm Shadow is another of the later series movie line figures that made up a sort of expanded universe of characters and designs. Most of the figures took their cues from the movie’s style, but some also added a little extra, sometimes harkening back to the original action figures.

This particular Storm Shadow shows influences of his vintage version 2 figure. The trademark camo stripes are here, and work well in differentiating it from the pure white movie design. The mold benefits from the added color, since the original was solid white. This one seems to be molded in a slight off-white color. The inclusion of the claw weapon also recalls the earlier vintage figure. It would have been an even better homage  had they included a hooded head.

The Arctic theme may be pushing it a bit, as this is simply the movie figure with Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes’ overcoat. I think Stormy is going to get pretty cold in this outfit. Especially since he’s only wearing sneakers!


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