Storm Shadow (2005 Mail-in)

Yesterday’s post was about a popular variant of a main character turned into a desirable mail-in that was offered through Hasbro for years. Today’s entry is a mail-in that saw release for a short time and continues to be available at rock bottom prices.

The new sculpt era was laughably short on mail-ins when compared to the glory days of the 80’s. Then again, I don’t think anything will ever equal the amazing marketing vehicle that was the Hasbro Direct mail order machine. The closest the 2000’s era came to the days of old were a fan club kit and the Reservist figure (not exactly the Steel Brigade).

Storm Shadow was available via sending Battle Points (the equivalent of Flag Points) and a bit of cash for shipping and handling. The promise was to receive an unmasked Storm Shadow. Nice premise, less than stellar execution. At the time, I was hoping for a new mold for Stormy (should have known better) or at least a decent Frankensteined figure. Regardless, I knew I would at least like the head, since a removable mask seemed like a natural winner. Tommy’s face wasn’t such a big deal, as the character had been seen sans mask many times even in the 80’s Marvel comic.

In the end, I was disappointed when Storm Shadow showed up in my mailbox. He was simply a repaint of a mold that had already been released several times in the preceding years. The lack of painted detail on the more intricate parts of the sculpt is a letdown, and makes the figure  look rushed. The fact that the skirt, which was an integral part of this mold, is missing also makes for a figure that looks like a rush job. I like the different style of the hood, which seems to be closer to his second version than the 1984 original. The new head beneath the mask is executed well, and has some good personality to the sculpt. The new bits however can’t overcome what is on the whole a drab figure. All is not lost in the end, as the new parts could be reused by placing the new head and mask on one of the earlier fully painted versions of the mold.

These days you can pick this figure up very cheaply. In fact, the collectors club has had a supply of them for years. In a recent sale, the figure was being blown out at the paltry sum of  $1.99. I’m pretty certain there will still be a boatload left.


  • Steven B. Williams

    I miss the days of Hasbro Direct. Sure, you had to buy toys to get older toys at a discount, but it was still awesome. I wouldn’t mind seeing a revamp of it.

    • Amen to that, brother! The older stuff went for bargain prices compared to today. It was a sweet bonus for collecting, plus it kept the figure and vehicle/accessory molds in circulation.

      Hasbro Direct should come back once the RAH brand grows big again.

  • My first G.I.JOE/Cobra bought from Ebay, 2006. Nice Idea and facesculpt!

  • I actually want to get this figure, as I do like the overall mold AND the fact that they painted his weapons.

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