Storm Shadow (2000)

Storm Shadow (2000)There’s something interesting about this starkly decorated Storm Shadow. Part of the short-lived o-ring rebirth at the beginning of the millennium, he was packaged with his sword brother, Snake Eyes. While Stormy was outfitted in all-white, Snakes had emblazoned his unit’s logo on his pant leg. So much for stealth on both accounts.

It’s ironic that this barely painted figure was released among so many others of a year that featured deco styles like paint washes and marbled plastic. Maybe the thought was to make him look as close as possible to the pristine white and black of the 1984 version. Perhaps Hasbro thought collectors wouldn’t notice this was the Ninja Force figure. In the end, he looks like some sort of odd prototype.

Despite the lack of paint apps on obvious elements like the shoulder padding, I’m still interested in this figure enough to want to try the same improvements I made to the Urban Division version. Like that figure, he’s been stripped of his action feature, but left with the side effects of limited poseability and an odd torso. It was a heck of a lot of trouble just getting him to assume the simple pose in the photo.

Where’s my Dremel?

Storm Shadow (2000)


  • It’s kind of funny–look at this head and the 1992 version’s, you’d swear they were similar paint-wise.

    Like Firefly from that same year, he got the ‘flesh-painted gloves’ treatment.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    ’88 Storm Shadow (without the camo) done in this color scheme would look cool.

  • I know from experiance that this figure is a pain in the neck to repair

  • Thanks for reminding me of your awesome tutorial on the 2004 version. With those similar fixes, this might be a useful figure, too. The head has always looked a bit odd to me (I like the ’88 version better), but it’s a different look that’s not too crazy (no giant kneepads).

  • Has there been any known background on why this figure was chosen, as well as the 1989 Snake Eyes mold, for this Collector Series slot? I wonder as we did get the 1984 and 1988 mold just a few years later? There has been some writings on the 1997 series….

  • My T’Ginzu is a work in progress, I’ve managed to replace the 0-ring, but I still want to do what you did with yours. BTW, how many times has this mold been used ?!

    • First in 1992; in 1993 sans head for both Ken Masters figures; partially in 1994/95, where the waist and legs were used for the Mortal Kombat movie edition Liu Kang; then in 2000, here; then in 2002; finally, in 2004.

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