Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)

Lanard has never been worried about getting a little silly with their action figure offerings, and we’re all the richer for it. Before I had located a file card for him, I had assumed this figure was probably some sort of patriotic American type, a la Sgt. Slaughter.

Another of the Lanard CORPS! series’ strange sports themed assortment, the name Steve Wyoming is, I assume, a play on Joe Montana. Hey, if GI Joe had the Fridge, why not go bigger and better and make reference to the then most famous quarterback in the NFL? I guess the 34 plastered on his helmet and backpack are a reference to his jersey number. But wait, isn’t 34 a number reserved for running backs and defensive backs?

According to his bio, not only is Mr. Wyoming an All-Pro quarterback, but he’s also a PhD in mathematics and an aeronautical engineer. Unfortunately, none of those scholarly pursuits have led him toward the wisdom of wearing a shirt in battle. Overall, the figure reminds me of…I don’t know what. The football background of the character doesn’t really come out in his outfit. In fact, he comes off looking more like a superhero than an athlete. In that respect, he sort of reminds me of GI Joe’s Bullet Man. Finally, there’s the odd single star on his torso, which hovers close to the nipple area. If it were just a bit higher, I could work in yet another Billy Blaster reference on the blog. Oh wait, I guess I just did.


  • I remeber this guy. I remeber, i didnt have many Cobra guys so frequently i used the odder looking CORPS guys as cobra troops.

    On the subject of the link to Joepedia. I attempted to add some content about Cesspool one day but i was unable to.

    And Billy Blaster?I would be far kinder to the DIC episodes if my copies of them werent in such apaling condition.

  • Wow, that guy is funky. Definitely patriotic and I see more of a superhero vibe too. I think his shirtlessness is ridiculously awesome and sells the superhero angle, however he seems more like one of those real-life superhero guys wandering around big cities than a comic book guy. I kinda want him to join the Joes now, he could be in charge of protecting civilians…by escorting them to the nearest exit in a timely fashion.

  • I have this figure but I don’t know what to make of him either. Bullet Man Junior maybe?

    Lanard released the oddest ducks out there until the Joes themselves went the silly route.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Why is the dude wearing a metal bowl on his head?

  • I use my Corps guys as PMC-type mercenaries, working for Major Bludd. The squad this guy is in is definitely the weirdest! Here they all are over at Joedios –

  • @Dekkard
    Thats an intesting dio

  • I bought this guy for a quarter a couple years ago at my local flea market. I didn’t know he came with a backpack. I actually thought about dremeling the 34 of his helmet and adding a cape.He’d be a mascot for GI Joe similar to Dollar Bill in the Watchmen saga was employed by a bank to represent them.

  • @Skymate – thanks chief!

    @troublemagnet – try looking out for the Corps Full-Proof. He had a very similar head without the 34 on it!

  • I love these earlier o -ring Corps…the weirder the better imo. Don’t have this guy, yet but will someday…

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