Star Viper (1988)

Star Vipers hold the distinction of being surgically altered to be more effective at piloting their spacecraft. I just can’t see the draw in joining Cobra, unless you’re really hard up for a job. Between these guys and the Toxo-Vipers, I can only imagine the EEOC and OSHA issues that are going on in the organization. Maybe that’s why Cobra Commander has a cadre of accountants and lawyers at his beck and call in the Crimson Guard.

The Star Vipers piloted the Stellar Stiletto, a small but fearsome looking fighter. I’m trying hard to avoid a shoe joke here, by the way. I’ve always been disappointed that Cobra didn’t have a powerful spacecraft to go up against the Defiant. Maybe the Crusader should have been repainted as a Cobra vehicle instead of a Joe rehash.

This mold has a great sinister and almost robotic look to it, especially the helmet. I like Cobra troops whose helmets evoke Cobra Commander’s. It gives the bad guys a sense of continuity. Seeing the black and gold together sometimes makes me forget that this isn’t a trooper from the Iron Grenadier faction, particularly since it came from the same year that produced the original Iron Grenadier, gold helmeted Destro and Ferret.


  • He’s not the only surgically-altered trooper–also from 1988, the Hydro-Vipers are surgically altered to withstand great amounts of underwater pressure.

    And of course, the chest and arms were used later for 1991’s Major Altitude.

    And he never got a new figure until the one that came with the Sand Serpent jet.

    And his waist and legs got used for the 2003 Black Dragon troopers from the convention.

  • I just can’t get behind this figure. He just does nothing for me.

  • Nice summary, Acer.

    I’ve never looked at this figure up close but he does look more like one of Destro’s troops. Red, black and gold? It’s too much of a coincidence. I agree about continuity among mirror mug’s armies, that’s probably why the original ’86 Viper became so popular. I do wish that Star-Viper’s helmet had been removable since Ron Wagner gave the character an equally spooky, almost inhuman look in the comic.

  • It’s like Star Viper and Nullifier got their colors switched. Though, I cannot picture this figure in khaki with pink details.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I’ve always had an appreciation for this figure. I really like the design and the red/black/gold combination. Looks more Iron Grenadiers than Cobra and I’ve always thought this was a great figure. Not long after I got the Star Viper with the Stellar Stiletto, I forgot his name. I still used him a great deal and really enjoyed it, but it bothered me not being able to remember his official name. I think this one is an underrated and underappreciated figure.

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