Stalker (1997)

If there’s one excellent figure in the Stars and Stripes set, it’s this Stalker. Unlike other figures in the set, that presented completely new takes on color schemes for the classic original Real American Hero Joes, Stalker retained his all-over camo. Compared to other figures in the set, especially the excerable Breaker and Rock N’ Roll, Stalker is the gold standard of the group. It’s almost as if the majority of thought went toward getting him right.

There’s not much more I can say about the mold, having covered the original swivel arm version here. I will say that Stalker is one of the older small Joes that still hold up for me. Granted, I would have liked an update to this first version in the later o-ring years, but I still see him as a useable figure among later 80s and 90s teammates. This more detailed paint scheme only helps to solidify his place in a display.


  • One of the Stars and Stripes set’s few worthwhile graces other than the actual diorama. I wish they’d reissue that (along with the poster) for the 50th Anniversary of the brand as a whole next year.

  • I think on YOJOE they have [We think] undernath that version of Breaker

    As for this guy, he looks fine. Those o ring moulds must still be around if the UK was able to use them to make the Action force versions for their con set not long ago.

    I certainly hope Hasbro keeps the brand going. It would be sad to see them drop it just because of distribution issues

  • I let all my 1997 figures go back in 1999. Sometimes I miss them and have thought about going back for them.

  • I always wished for an updated classic o-ring Stalker. This is good, but I wanted something sort of like the Desert Patrol set, which came close save for those “duke” arms and desert tan, I suppose.

    I’ve been more a fan of the knit cap than the beret for Stalker.

    How’s the plastic quality on the Stars and Stripes guys would you say?

  • The plastic quality is problematic in the flesh tone being soapy looking for caucasians (Stalker isn’t affected) and the bigger issue it the arms. 1997 figures are prone to shoulder cracks and even totally breaking off, this is due to the plastic or the rivets being the wrong size or both,. The factory that made the 1997 releases hadn’t made ARAH style joes before, and the production of the 1997 items was rushed, which led to some parts swapping when original molds were missing/damaged. I read that this was done at the factory without Hasbro’s input.

  • Possibly the best Stalker figure ever. Definitely the best (most detailed) camouflage that Hasbro has ever pulled off. Love it!

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