Snow Job (1997)

Many of the 1997 collector figures were a disappointment. Missing molds and poor substitutions made for a frustrating experience the first time I found the toys. Gone were the cool repaints as pictured in Previews magazine, replaced with monstrosities like Stars and Stripes Breaker, and bland redecos like battle armor Cobra Commander. The arctic figures were a highlight for me, not only for the simple fact that I enjoy cold weather Joes, but for the comparatively nice paint decos.

Snow Job benefits from some added paint detail not reflected on his original figure. Goggles, buckles and belts are all picked out in individual colors. There was nothing wrong with the simplicity of the original’s paint scheme, it’s just that this one expands it. The sprayed camo patterns are not overdone, and again add a bit more interest to the figure.

All the old accessories made it back into the mix, something that couldn’t be said for much of the 1997 line. The Sunbow XMLR is, as usual, a welcome sight, though I’ve always wanted one in white.

The only real funkiness going on here is the replacement of the upper arm with a rolled up short sleeve. It just looks strange, and this little annoying bit of substitution ran through other later repaints of the mold.


  • Yet the same upper arms his 1983 figures used were also used for most of the Stars and Stripes Forever figures…..WHY????

    I have to admit, the copy I have of this figure isn’t that bad in terms of quality.

  • Nice background! It really suits the character and brings the figure more to life.

  • Wasnt there a problem with this three pack. Wasnt Snowjob meant to be Avalanche? Or was it the other way round?

  • @Skymate – I think it was Blizzard used the Frostbite mold.

  • Love the photos you did for this guy. The figure is pretty good, but the camo is just a step above looking “dirty”, like ’00 Big Ben/Whiteout. The rolled-up sleeves on the coat baffle me; even Duke or Stormshadow uppers would’ve looked better. Maybe they press the figure mold in a full set, thus every Snow Job remold after this has the same crummy upper arms?

  • Blame the factory for the mold substitutions, but blame Hasbro for every release after this one….until the Rise of Cobra one, which was a total recast of the original. Of all the figures to recast…the last retail o-ring figure is Snow Job? Not say, Cobra Commander V1 or some long lost mold.

  • Of all the classic ARAH Snow Job figures, this one is my favorite for overall look. I really like the dirty looking material and really, Snow Job needs a red beard in my mind to be Snow Job.

    I had one figure of this guy, however, and the plastic felt so soft and, I don’t know, I just didn’t like using the figure without a solid feel.

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