Snake Eyes (2013)

Can ’85 Snake Eyes ever be equaled in RAH fans’ minds? I’m not sure, but Hasbro seems willing to keep trying out new versions of our favorite ninja commando. In the 25th anniversary series alone, there were three attempts at a modern version of the classic mold. While the first was a more straight militaristic interpretation of the original, there were also two that more closely resembled the Sunbow animation model. This one gets closest to the feel of the 1985 version, while still working in some modern flair. He’s also fairly loaded with accessories It’s a package that’s a worthy successor to the reinterpreted classics in the defunct Pursuit of Cobra line. Heck, the ’85 homage here is so strong, Snakes is even painted in gloss black. No lips on the mask, however. Guess Hasbro didn’t want to get into that issue again after the Rise of Cobra.

While the tight uniform may seem a bit too superheroic, the 1985 figure was attired in the same way. This is a lithe and lethal looking Snake Eyes. The uniform for me really carries off a comic book feel that is a change from most modern Joes. Most of the figure follows a design choice of echoing the familiar elements of the old figure, but adding modern spins. Timber’s been changed up a bit as well. At first glance, he seems to be too light in color, and almost white. I’ve heard some complaints about it, but I don’t see it as a problem, since the 1985 Timber is also a very light shade of grey. Regardless of color, at least he has some articulation again and doesn’t look like a werewolf this time around.

If the Pursuit of Cobra line had the perfect modern interpretation of 1982 commando Snake Eyes, then this figure comes darn close to the perfect modern ninja commando Snake Eyes. The only thing I would liked to have seen is a head that is less based on the Retaliation design. Seeing that this is still a toy from a Retaliation movie assortment, I understand why the current movie head was used. That’s a situation easily remedied however, by switching out the head of the aforementioned PoC Snake Eyes.


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