Snake Eyes (2010 Resolute)

Snake Eyes (2010 Resolute)

Which came first, the City Strike or the Resolute? Or even the Target Rescue Mission? Regardless, this Snake Eyes mold got some heavy use within a couple of years. I had some trouble finding that late line Rise of Cobra figure (who didn’t really?) and didn’t pick up the all-black Rise of Cobra/Resolute pastiche until very recently.

For me, this was the most rockin’ Snake Eyes figure of its day. If the movie version’s costume had been designed like this, I would have been a much bigger fan. As it stands, the Resolute animation and its counterpart figure presented an updated look that brought in elements of the original 1982 commando. I can’t help but think of the all-black original when I see that mask. It’s also not the first time that Snakes has been featured wearing a sleek uniform shirt and loose pants, but the design still seems fresh.

The accessories have the edge over the City Strike version, including the previously cancelled glider pack. The spring-loaded element is a nice little action feature, and the fact that it’s not annoyingly huge is a plus. Even the sword gets closer to the animated version, being a but more compact. Finally there’s the cool Resolute rifle, standard issue through the Joe pack. Too bad it wasn’t done up in a multi color to match the figure, as a little grey would have looked nice.

I also dig the straight black version from the Target pack, but the lack of the proper head takes that figure down a notch or two. Next to the movie accurate Ninja Duel Retaliation Snake Eyes, this Resolute version stands out as one of my favorite modern reinterpretations of the character.

Snake Eyes (2010 Resolute)


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