Snake Eyes (2008)

Now this is the man in black done right. Coming later in the 25th anniversary line, this figure is based on Snake Eyes’ vintage third figure version, which was kind of a strange departure compared to his previous versions. Its a modern interpretation of the commando concept. The sculpting and articulation are much improved from earlier 25th figures.  It’s an entirely new mold, and wow is the detail is amazing. This is a high-tech commando for sure. Like most of the anniversary figures, the design is a copy of the vintage figure, but this one is so much more successful thanks to the improvements in toy production made in the last couple decades. Much of what’s here was also on the vintage figure but just couldn’t be translated into plastic at the time.

Hasbro did include an add on that didn’t appear on the original figure. Removable night vision goggles (Splinter Cell, anyone?) slide down over Snake Eye’s facemask. A very cool modern update that fits in well. The ninja aspects are still there as well , although they’ve also been updated to a modern aesthetic. Check out the crazy ginsu sword!

There are great little touches all over the figure, like the two chest knives that remove and separate. There’s even a harness on his right shoulder that his suppressed uzi can hang from, freeing up his hands to loose his blade <SNIKT!> on some Cobras. Definitely my favorite Snake Eyes of the 25th anniversary line.

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