Snake Eyes (2008 Red Ninjas Battle Pack)

Snake Eyes doesn’t always have to be dressed entirely in black, does he? I’ve been willing to accept different looks for him ever since his 1991 version, which is still one of my favorite interpretations of the ninja commando. It seems that Hasbro is still willing to branch out when it comes to their co-flagship Joe. The movie line put him into a couple of image defying outfits, including a polar opposite all white look.

This Snake Eyes speaks to me more of his commando origins. The flashback comics that detailed the chopper accident that marred his face depict him in simple green fatigues, like every other Joe. It isn’t until his face is burned that he dons a makeshift black facemask. I wonder if maybe he experimented with this kind of look before going all black?

An early sticker set featured Snake Eyes in a variation with a green shirt and camo pants. It also brings up the sometimes mentioned notion that the character was simply left all black due to budgetary reasons. I can’t imagine that’s the case, since the green Joes of ’82 were molded in their main color, not painted. Is green plastic any more expensive to produce than black? I think the color choice was purely design driven, and a way to mix up the look by adding a little color variation to the series.

Maybe the figure was an homage to the idea of a green outfitted Snake Eyes, and maybe it was simply a case of getting out a different look than all-black for a multi-pack. Whatever the case, it looks like Timber also got in on the act, and dyed his fur.


  • I would love to get that pack at some point–the Snake Eyes I like for some reason or another.

  • The colors here remind me of Arctic Snake Eyes from the second issue of the Marvel comic. It might have something to do with media of the time such as that sticker set. Knowing Hasbro, we’ll eventually see Snake Eyes in every single variation known to man going back to the preliminary stages of RAH’s 1982 debut.

  • 90% of Snake-Eyes releases are black, dark blue or a shade of grey. So I think it’s funny when they give him something different and some fans snub their noses.

    It’s also funny that Hasbro thinks SE’s runs around the desert in desert camo pants but still wearing a black long sleeved shirt and mask (the Desert Patrol Snake-Eyes).

  • I was thinking artic Snake Eyes as well. Not a bad version but at the same time there are SOOOOO many he is kind of easy to pass up.

  • I absolutely love the green or camo pants look for Snake-Eyes. Can’t believe no figure like that was made before 2004. But the green shirt look on that sticker…no.

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