Snake Eyes (2005)

The Valor vs. Venom line of the 2000’s produced its fair share of types of packouts, or ways in which figures were offered. There were two packs of hero vs villain and army builder, comic book three packs and five and six pack themed sets. But the days of single packed figures did return for a few series of somewhat exclusive figures. I say somewhat because they were found in several different retailers, primarily those that sold toys at a low price point, such as Family Dollar.

Snake Eyes has usually been portrayed as a man in black. During the 2000’s line, however, it seemed that his look tended more toward greys (and once even purple!) In fact, there hadn’t been an all black Snake Eyes since his original 1982-83 figure, but that changed with this release. The single pack figures themselves started out as simple repacks, with no changes to the figures themselves, aside from a reduction in accessories. But the series from which this Snake Eyes appeared, paint schemes for some figures were also altered. One wouldn’t think that a figure could benefit from a total lack of paint apps, but I think it works here. Who else but a ninja commando could pull it off?


  • Snake-Eyes’ ’85 mask and original black suit seems to be the most popular combination, but I’ve always been partial to the ’82/’83 figure that started the whole craze. This figure is a nice throwback to those days.

  • This is a nice throwback to the original Snake Eyes, but goes even furthre to incorporate a little of the ninja aspect into it.
    I prefer a more Commando version than a ninja and this figure tows the line nicely.

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