Snake Eyes (2005 Winter Operations)

From 2003 to 2006, Toys R Us released several themed six packs based on vintage molds. These sets were a great value priced at around $20, and while not always thematically successful, employed vintage molds to create new versions of fan favorites as well as a few new characters.

For a ninja commando, Snake Eyes sure does seem to make it out in the snow a lot. He’s had quite a few arctic themed figures over the years. This version was available in a cold weather themed six pack. Outfitted in black, befitting his covert specialty, he shares a mold with the arctic specialist Sub-Zero from 1990. The 1991 Snake Eyes head works perfectly with the winter theme and also meshes well with the bulky sculpt. My favorite aspect of the figure is the camo pattern on the pants; it’s a sensible color for the environment and the pattern is small enough to look like it’s in scale with the figure. Like the 2009 Arashikage Cycle version, I find myself saying, “Nice pants.” For a guy who usually sticks to basic black, Snakes sure knows how to rock the camo britches.

He does seem a little under equipped considering the amount of accessories usually given to arctic figures. No skis, snowshoes or enormous survival pack; just a normal backpack and a couple assault rifles. Also, no sword included this time out, but he does get some nice removable ice crampons. Maybe he takes them off and throws them like ninja stars.


  • I think the green trip is a nice touch. It makes him appear like he is winter foliage!

  • This is one of the most under-rated TRU figures. I like the figure as it can be taken out of the arctic domain and works as just a different take on Snake Eyes. If you look at the TRU figures, every now and then, they really went to convention level paint masks. The Urban Firefly and this Snake Eyes are probably the best examples of that and that lets them stand the test of time much better than most of their brethren.

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Nice looking figure. It’s cool to see them do something different with Snake-Eyes.

  • As much as i’m sick of him i can give this one a pass for being a little different. Oh. Was the Arishakage cycle the transformable Mospeeda/Robotech armour i mean bike that can be worn as armour once disasembled. I need to get one of those cycles. I just finished a Scott Bernard and Rook Bartley figures and they need something to ride.

  • It’s not bad but since the comic packs gave us one arctic Snake-Eyes, I would have rather had Sub-Zero, but the GI JOE TRU 6-packs were required to have at least one major Joe player in them, plus Roadblock or Stalker, and maybe Tunnel Rat. They got be almost a running joke of disappointment. The last one was Heavy Assault but featured nothing new besides some characters’ pants colors and the file cards didn’t match the figures. I think Hasbro knew the packs were ending and decided pure profit was more important than anything.

  • @Anon-viper
    Is this the same set that came with an aqua and purple Stalker?

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