Snake Eyes (2005)

Sigma 6 was unique in its strategic incorporation of cloth accessories along with traditional molded details. Not every figure was equipped with a soft goods jacket or pants. Snake Eyes only had two figures with “real” pants, and this version, part of the Ninja Showdown two pack along with Storm Shadow, was one of them.

Snake Eyes doesn’t always get a chance to wear anything other than black, and here he’s wearing some white color blocking. At first, I thought maybe this was some sort of training gear, but the two pack that he’s included in doesn’t make any reference to it. I actually find this little bit of extra contrast a nice change from the norm. It’s too bad the white details don’t continue down onto the legs beneath his baggy, but very nice, pants.

Weapons aren’t as plentiful or fun as the regular Sigma releases, but the draw for this figure was the multi pack aspect. Not to mention, I’ve got a ton of accessories I can throw at him anyway. What is here are the common Snake Eyes swords, along with a grappling hook and staff.

Now on to the pants. The cloth look might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the variation of texture that it adds to the figure. Maybe the baggy pants were a precursor to the Rise of Cobra costume design. It works better here than it did in the film, since the look is complemented by Snake Eyes’ slim build.

Sigma 6 was a fun offshoot for the GI Joe brand, and it managed to pay homage to both the Real American Hero characters, as well as the removable clothing aspect of the 60s and 70s. If you want to go even further, the scale is very close to Super Joe. Now there’s a thought. I want a custom Sigma 6 Super Joe. Talk about a  figure that about three people might like.


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