Shipwreck (2008)

Shipwreck (2008)

As repaints go, this Shipwreck isn’t a bad one. Though most folks probably picked up his comic pack simply to get a modern version of Copperhead, the figure at least adds an interesting new accessory.

Shipwreck, while he sported some very traditional military attire, spent the 80s in said “sailor suit”, and not getting another re-do until his Battle Corps combat diver outfit. This one added a nice little life vest, which reminds me of something from the twelve inch GI Joe line. Seems like every lot of vintage 60s and 70s Joes I picked up back in the 90s included at least one life vest (whether the vinyl pilot type or cloth navy version). Must have been a popular piece of kit.

I kind of dig the reversal of color to the hat and shirt, and the dark pants look spiffy too. So if the shirt wasn’t white, this would be an obvious candidate for a Night Force Shippy. I guess that means Polly would need to be dyed a shade of dark green and brown. He probably wouldn’t mind. After all, he put on shades and a flat hat in this Sunbow scene.

Shipwreck (2008)


  • “Shipwreck is my favorite” [contributed by my Mother]

  • Could not stand the 80s Shipwreck: a very poor seller and arch shelf warmer here in the UK and not a figure that particularly appealed to me.

    However this one’s not too bad, and several of the other more modern ones have worked for me.

  • Il like the life vest, but his face is bad!

  • @Philip Ayres
    It’s been too long since I’ve seen any GI Joe figures in a shop here in the UK – I’d even be grateful for a shelf-warmer!

  • @Dekard. I understand your pain and frustration. Over here, the Club has a monopoly on their truly interesting ARAH figures, sold as either subscription offerings or convention exclusives. That’s what killed my interest in modern collecting. I’m not paying 30+dollars for about a dollar or so worth of plastic.

  • People complain a lot about the clenched fist on this figure, but when you’re a kid, that’s perfect for decking Cobras! Repaints like this are always good for easy head-swap customs (nevermind the tattoo).

  • I like Shipwreck. Did as a kid. Still do. Shame the newer versions based on his classic sculpt lacked his original pistol and boarding hook, maybe buy vintage versions of those bits and kit these guys out with them.

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