Sgt. Stone (2009)

During the Joe A Day podcast special, one of the readers brought up last year’s Nice Pants theme week. While I’m not quite ready to dig up that old chestnut, I was drawn hypnotically to another movie figure’s dungarees while sifting through my storage bins.

Sgt. Stone made a controversial appearance (to me, at least) in the Rise of Cobra. First of all, he was portrayed by director Stephen Sommers’ favorite cinematic lunkhead, Brendan Fraser. Now that would have been enough to make my eyes roll. But they just had to have him roll up on one of those oh-so-cute bass-ackwards trike motorcycle things. The worst bit is the fact that it’s the same scene in which Duke manages to best Snake Eyes in hand to hand combat. Come on, really? I betcha Snakes was just distracted by such a ham-fisted cameo.

The figure bears no resemblance to the actor, and I think looks more like a movie version of Lt. Falcon, especially when looking at the card art. But I didn’t start writing this entry to talk about sculpts or likenesses. I started it to talk about pants. Lovely, wonderfully, artfully splotchy camo pants. Or, as the French would say, pantalons magnifique. I have to say, next to the movie version of Kamakura, these are the best britches sported by any movie Joe. To Sgt. Stone, I say: bad cameo, nice pants.


  • I display him without that goofy vest. But I agree, his pants are spectacular!

  • In the ever immortal words of Colin Mochrie: “NAYAYAYCE PANTS!” But seriously, I do like this figure precisely because he doesn’t look like Brendan Frasier. At least Hasbro was able to take a “ham-fisted cameo” (and in total agreement on that one, Rob) and turn him into a decent figure.

  • I dig the pants, yeah. This guy’s head sculpt could pass for Lt. Falcon or the Sunbow Flint. I’ve yet to see the first movie even though it’s already aired on TV, so I don’t know about Brendan Fraser’s cameo. Sounds kinda pointless to me as well.

  • Yeah, that’s honestly why I was kinda surprised that Frasier was playing Stone. I was away from the Internet for a while the summer the movie released and so wasn’t seeing all the inside dirt so I didn’t know that was his character…just that he was going to show up somehow. The movie figures worked so hard (some successfully, others not so much) to look like the actors/actresses where Stone just looked a kind of generic every-man.

  • Well it’s a nice enough figure but I find it fairly pointless. A bit like Frasier’s cameo really so at least in that respect it’s movie accurate…

  • I have a use for this figure and the 3-pack version: the 3-pack version is from the Sunbow-verse, while this is the movie-verse.

  • I like Stone’s cameo, he’s a cool new Joe. And yes I like Brendan Fraser too but I can’t explain why.

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