Sgt. Stalker (2005 comic pack)

What is not to like about the original Stalker figure? I’ve covered it before, and I still hold it up as one of my favorite GI Joe figures, even among later offerings of the 80s and 90s. I think that, of all the original thirteen 1982-83 Joes, his figure stands out as truly unique. It also is the most iconic interpretation. The only downside to that is the fact that the first version didn’t get a strict remake during the Real American Hero run. Even when it was repainted as part of the Stars and Stripes set, I really liked it.

It did however get a re-do as part of the comic packs of the Valor vs. Venom series. In fact, he got two. Mighty impressive, and I’m glad to see that someone at Hasbro dug old Lonzo as much as I did. I like both versions, but I prefer this darker color scheme. The contrast of the uniform, straps and boots just pop, and really reflect a comic style. I also really like the detail of the red collar, just like the comics as well.

Many of the comic pack figures lack a little something, be it the heads, poor accessory choices or paint scheme. Stalker fares well on all fronts. Though he has the same waist and legs as the other 82-83 comic pack Joes, they seem to work better in this case. Maybe it’s the all-over camo that helps the disparate torso and leg parts mesh. His noggin isn’t quite as pinheadish as others of his ilk either.

Instead of his classic M-32 submachine gun, he’s equipped with the newly minted M-16, a great substitute, especially for those of us familiar with the character’s backstory in the Vietnam flashback issues. He also came with Ambush’s old rifle, but it doesn’t really work for the character. Stalker only ever needed one accessory anyway. He’s a bad bad man.


  • A great figure. A lot of those comic pack figures were well done.

  • Maybe the figures would’ve fared better had they used the upper legs the waist was really meant for, but with the lower legs we see right now. I could see that as being more well-received.

  • Stalker is such a genuinely cool character that even his figures reflect his awesomeness. I love the original and it remains so flawlessly iconic that it came through unscathed as part of the disastrous Stars and Stripes set. Later on, the comic pack figures did an excellent job of updating the ’82-’83 version’s badass image while remaining timeless from a design perspective. The head sculpt pictured here is solid proof of how much Hasbro loves and respects Stalker.

    Larry Hama based Stalker on an actual acquaintance of his, likely a fellow ‘Nam comrade. He’s vowed not to reveal more details about the man, but he clearly left his mark on Larry, and in turn, Hasbro’s numerous depictions of Stalker in action figure form. Be it the classic beret, arctic gear, Battle Corps night ops, new sculpt, repaint era, or third generation looks, Stalker never ceases to impress and has yet to disappoint me.

    Happy 2014, everybody!

  • I wish a different colour was used instead of that yellow on the webbing and boots. He looks quite good in the green with the black cammo patersn and it is ruined by the yellow.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I never really liked the head on the original Stalker figure. I guess it just looked too different from how he always appeared in the comic and on the cartoon. They got it right with this figure, though. This one looks great.

  • I prefer this head on the #26 comic pack figure that used Duke’s chest. I liked the general updates for the head, but felt it needed something new to set it apart from the original figure. I found this guy along with Brekhov and Horrorshow in a bag with 6 knock off figures for $1 at a flea market a couple months ago. That was my best find since the ’90’s.

  • I prefer the paler camo version of Stalker which came out the year before this one – he’s my default Stalker!

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