Serpent Armor (2009)

The SNAKE armor has come in quite a few different flavors over the years. Aside from the original white, there’s a Cobra blue version, as well as an interesting red recolor from across the pond. With the Rise of Cobra tie-in toys came this black number, perfect for all your formal Cobra world domination events. All that’s missing is a bow tie.

Most of the Target exclusive small vehicle sets didn’t pique my interest, but as soon as I saw pictures of this one, I had to track it down. I’ve often wondered, should this be considered a vehicle or a figure? Really, it could be both. Anyway, I had the original SNAKE armor as a kid, and thought it was a great toy. Being one of the line’s inexpensive items, it fit perfectly into my meager 10 year old kid budget. It’s pretty amazing to think that the same mold has stuck around in the same form since 1983.

Surprisingly, a modern figure does fit inside. They may have to cross their arms a bit, but the fit is serviceable, and I would even say that the armor seems to stand up a little straighter with the newer figure inside. The figure in question is the Viper Commando, a repainted movie Neo Viper. It’s nothing fantastic, but it is interesting to consider that the venerable armor finally has a dedicated driver figure. Now the only question is: does the armor still incorporate powerful sensors and mood-changers that strengthen its wearer?


  • I sure as heck got this thing when it came out. I like the little suit of armor, and I primarily associate it with my regular Joeverse while the movie-verse has its own thing.

  • A classic design. While it looks dated, it stands the test of time. When I was a kid, the armored CC seemed to come out of left field…looking at the SNAKE armor, CC’s redesign seems less out-of-place and more like a technological progression.

  • I saw a few of the R.O.C deluxe figures at a Target about two hours drive from where i live.
    I considered buying the figures as they were all repaints of 25th figures that came with old things like the battle gun and L.A.W. Problem was they were nearly $30 AU. The original stuff is easier and cheaper to find. If i saw this set though i would have bought it.

  • Wow, they did a black SNAKE for the first movie line? Dang! I’ve yet to own a SNAKE armor of any kind aside from a few pieces from a buddy’s collection which I once had. I never knew about the various ROC exclusives that are actual reissues of vintage pieces such as the Wal-Mart Battle Stations. These are all going for a lot of secondary market dough nowadays.

    Giving the armor its own distinctive driver is pretty neat, but it’s also cool to recreate the epic confrontation from G.I. Joe #19 now that we have a proper Kwinn to go with the SNAKE. I just hope he fits!

  • This is one case where black is better. Not too wild about the Viper Commando, but atleast he was given glaring red eye lens to help him stand out from among the other Neo-Vipers.

  • I always put captive Joes in the SNAKE armor and had them be either mind controlled or remote controlled so the Joes couldn’t just blow them up…

  • What a day to feature this classic mold! Just yesterday I received my Retaliation Kwinn to go along with my Dr.Venom! Remember in the comic when Dr.Venom forced Kwinn and ‘ol Snake Eyes into the SNAKE armor? They could not fire on anything “Cobra Blue”. I wish I has more than one of these–blue or white! 🙂

  • Excellent homage.

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