Sears 1985 Wishbook – Page 2

Continuing from last night’s post. This one’s not entirely Joe, but there are some interesting items nonetheless.

From all of us at JAD to you and yours, we hope you get lots of goodies under the tree this year.

SEars 1985 Wishbook Page 2


  • ”1985 G.I.Joe Aircraft Carrier Flagg, with Skystriker, reminds everyone of Tom Cruise’s movie-”Top Gun.”

    • And the funny part is, the Flagg and the Skystriker came out before Top Gun. Top Gun came out in 1986. The Flagg was out in 1986 as well (most GI Joe figures/vehicles were out for 2 years until 1990’s batch, then on it got spotty, some figures/vehicles being 2 years, some 1 year. Early on, it was 3 years though.). The Conquest replaced the Skystriker in 1986 though.

  • That Big Foot 8 wheeler looks kind of interesting. I’m also shocked the Rattler was 1/2 the price of the Skystriker.

    • Have you ever noticed how the Rattler has an actual canopy, and a separate windshield, but the Skystriker was not design that way? Instead the canopy and the windshield are a whole piece. I really wish that some person, or a company would do justice to the Skystriker, by doing a custom canopy, and windshield pieces, that would be ready to fit on the vintage planes right away. And without any problem. It would make the toy plane look more realistic. And while they are at it, why not also do two custom pieces for the 2011 version. I would pay whatever amount of money such a person, or company would want for those pieces, without even thinking about it. Oh, and by the way, according to the website, the original Rattler’s retail was $9.90, and the 2008 version was $24.99. And for the Skystriker, the original was $14.95, and the 2011 version was $39.99. I just don’t remember ever seen the original ones at such low prices, in any store in south Florida back in those days.

      • eBay is pretty good for internet archaeology with checking the prices for figures & vehicles from different stores in different years.

  • @ Mike T – that 8-wheeler (the Arco MCB-1, as in Merry Christmas Brother) is pretty cool. Michael French from RetroBlasting actually did a whole video on it you might enjoy too.

  • Only $109.99 for the U.S.S. Flagg. I wonder what a reissue would cost today. I sure hope and pray, that it wont be a thousand dollars. Or even $500. I can’t even afford something that cost 500 bucks. The Snow Cat, and the H.I.S.S., are bigger than the A.W.E. Striker, but all three are $9.99. Really strange. I don’t see why the Bridge Layer is $14.99. Most be because of the size of the box, most likely. I don’t see any other explanation for that. I would like to know if number 17, and number 20, are in the right scale for the o-ring Joe figures. They both look interesting, for some G.I. Joe customs. As for number 16, if it was molded in black, it could probably be used for an Airwolf custom. The tank number 18, looks like it might not be useful for a Joe custom. It looks like the scale of it, might be too small for G.I. Joe figures. I might be interested in the number 19 item. “Stores up to 18 figures”, just sounds good to me.

  • If they have the mold, then they could release it again. The only real barrier is if enough people would buy it.

  • 250$ isn’t a bad price.

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