Scarlett (2008 Comic Pack)

The comic pack figures have been fun little self referential detours in recent years. They’ve been the source of not only quite a few comic specific characters, but also four-color versions of our familiar favorites.

I can remember noticing more than a few times as a kid reading the comic that some of the characters didn’t resemble their toy versions exactly. Heck, sometimes the designs didn’t  match up from issue to issue, but that’s a common occurrence in comics.

I could rattle off many Joes, Cobras and incidental individuals from the comic that I’d hoped to see in toy form. You probably know the usual list: Dr. Venom, Kwinn, Scarface, Billy, the Red Ninjas, Bongo the Balloon Bear, etc. Farther down on the list were Joes and Cobras done up to resemble a true comic look, mainly with brighter colors. That’s where this Scarlett comes in.
Naturally, these comic packs had to have some name value to garner attention on the pegs. So while there were packs with some great side characters thrown in, the big names had to be present as well. After all, you couldn’t expect to see Hasbro produce a Wade Collins figure without throwing a Snake Eyes or Stalker into the same pack. So Scarlett showed up along with Hawk, and she looks fairly close to her image presented early in the Marvel run.

Instead of the green and tan combo of the original 1982 figure, she’s outfitted more colorfully. The ponytail also fits the comic interpretation, although it’s not a unique addition to the mold. In fact, the entire figure is simply the regular 25th anniversary release with a new paint scheme. Overall, the figure is a nice addition to the comic ranks.  I also appreciate the brighter colors as an option to the norm.


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