Scarlett (2004 Desert Patrol Squad)

Through the 80s and 90s, Scarlett it seemed had been immune to the special teams reinterpretations that were so prevalent among her male comrades. While Duke, Flint and the like had been members of Tiger Force, Night Force, Star Brigade, and even the Eco Warriors, Scarlett had only made one appearance in the Ninja Force subset. As such, she wore a completely redesigned outfit, and didn’t get to experience a straight repaint of her usual duds.

That changed when the Valor vs. Venom series quickly ran through a one-off wave of redecoed figures in 2004. Included in a pack with Switch Gears, both were members of the Desert Patrol Squad, a reference to a Toys R Us exclusive pack from the same year. Two other packs, Tiger Force and Night Force, made appearances as well.

This Scarlett mold was an improvement over the previous release from 2002, but it still seemed like something was missing. Looking at the figure again, I think it just looks too young. Scarlett has a face that recalls the single female figures from various 90s lines. You may remember the type: the young, spunky, not quite the hero’s girlfriend character. She’s even wearing get hair pulled back in a way that says plucky teen more than badass covert ops agent.


  • I don’t know, I actually don’t mind the look. I chalk it up to Scarlett, as a character, leading a very active lifestyle.

  • She also has 80s padded shoulders no less.

  • Maybe its meant to be Scarlet at an earlier part in her career. Or speaking of teenagers. Maybe she is Scarlett and Snake eye’s daughter. That also makes me wish we could get a crossover Marissa Fairborne vs “Old snake” two pack.

  • This is my favourite Scarlett mould, pre-PoC. That’s also a loaded statement, but I do genuinely like it, and yes, I don’t mind the youngish face. It’s certainly a huge step-up over previous ones.

  • Almost a Sigma 6 vibe to it…

  • Such a tiny head! The rest of the figure works pretty well I think, but that noggin’s way too small.

  • I think the huge shoulders and hefty shoulder pad throw the perspective off. The 2007 Night Stalkers made use of some new sculpt era parts that looked a lot better with ARAH arms. The design of this figure isn’t bad, but I agree about the head looking young.

  • The “new sculpt” repaints for special teams didn’t make much effort to match the ARAH release. Desert Patrol, everyone had “chocolate chip” camo. Scarlett and Switch Gears, just light brown and sand stripes. Just made the differences between old and new more glaring.

  • Gotta echo sentiment on those shoulders, a little refinement in that area, upscale the head, and I would very much bring that reworked figure back into my collection.

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