Roadblock (2009)


I was disappointed with Resolute as an animated offering, but the character designs were very refreshing. After a few years of 80s homages with the 25th anniversary toys, Hasbro seemed to be taking GI Joe in a new design direction with new animation. Granted, many of the characters still took some cues from what had come before, but enough was changed to keep things interesting.

Roadblock is a fine example of what a more varied scale within a figure buck system can achieve. Finally, the man looks as imposing as he should. I think this is the best basic “big man” figure base in the modern style. Even the Retaliation Roadblock isn’t quite as versatile as this one. He’s been used in both the Rise of Cobra line and the Dreadnoks exclusive pack.

Accessories are nice but limited, much like the other figures in the Resolute set. It seems as if his machine gun is missing a piece or two. There are openings on the bottom that I thought would plug into something, but I guess I was wrong. The ginormous pickaxe makes up for it in any case. What is it for? Is he on a road crew?



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